When Dennis and Maren Kaiser moved to Italy in 2022, they founded Studio Dennis Kaiser as a creative collaboration, guided by what inspired them most: timeless Belgian design, the mid-century California lifestyle, and superb Italian materials and craftsmanship.

For both, design was an early calling, shaped by family who had a taste for Belgian design and the mid-century modern aesthetic. For Maren, it was her aunt and uncle as well as her grandfather, a German architect who designed modernist houses. For Dennis, it was the family business he grew up in — a construction company and a home decor and furniture store in Belgium. 

When they made their long-awaited first trip to California, it was the fulfillment of a dream they’d both had since youth. Their teenage years had been heavily influenced by California culture and its landmark cities, like Los Angeles and Palm Springs. Their fascination with the Golden State continues to lie at the very heart of their creative vision and they return to it often, for inspiration and to visit the close friends they’ve made there. 

The Mediterranean is another beloved destination for Dennis and Maren. After renovating and redesigning a classic farmhouse in Tuscany, they became enchanted with the area and decided to make it their permanent home. Their boundless love and respect for Italian-made items is reflected in their collections, and they work closely with local manufacturers to ensure that every piece is crafted exclusively by hand in Italy.