Düsseldorf, Germany

Situated in a Suburb in Düsseldorf, Germany the original Residence was built in the early 2000's. Clear Architectural lines and many windows are making it very bright and connected to nature.  

With respect to the authentic architectural style of the house and it's neighborhood, the interior was remodeled in a unified and timeless way. 

By choosing bright & natural colors we made sure to keep the authenticity of the house and to give it a even more relaxing and calm feeling.
Black fittings and kitchen appliances give it a pale modern look to never get tired of. 

While removing a wall that separated the kitchen from the living & dining room, the intent was it to create a more open-plan atmosphere that is also suited for the modern family life. 

The furniture and accessories, such as lamps and flowers were chosen based on a specific philosophy that is all about caring about the environment and choosing the items concerned. 
Every piece is made by hand from artists all over Europe what makes each of them unique.

None is like the other and it's all about being ''perfectly imperfect'' , just like us !