East Belgium

Situated in East Belgium, this 60 square meter Loft was one of our first projects. Finished in early 2015 it was the first ''House'' even though it was just a Loft, we planned and built completely ourselves from A-Z.  It is a very open plan Loft with just two rooms in total.
One contains the Kitchen & Living Room, the other one the Bath & Bedroom.
The colours are simple & natural but not pale, we put a lot of structure into all the custom made Furniture such as the Bathroom Cabinet & the bed. 

The Bathroom is floored with Old Oak on which we placed a freestanding Bluestone Bath tub made by hand from one Bluestone. We added two matching sinks to the Bathcabinet. A Bluestone is a natural stone and with warm water the stone will warm up and keep a pleasant temperature. 

In the Kitchen & Living room we opted for a lot of windows and high ceilings in the whole loft in general which makes the complete space very luminous and it feels bigger than it actually is. The walls are plastered with a lime plaster that doesn't only look beautiful but also works with an aircaring technology - in a natural way. 
The whole Apartment has been decorated playful but timeless at the end. There are thousands of options even though it's only 60 square meters.