Tuscany, Italy

Casale della Luna once was an old Farmhouse where on the ground floor the cows and on the first floor the farmers lived. We discovered the house in 2018 during our journey trough Italy and decided to take the chance to remodel the old Farmhouse only with our family. 
The original structure was built in the early 1920's as a classic Tuscan farmhouse that's purpose was to serve for work. The structure is simple, the ground floor extends on one big level that was perfect to built an open plan space. The first floor is assigned in 6 high rooms separated trough 2 hallways. 
The structure of the house in general, inside & out is very simple and classic for this time epoch in northern Italy and was perfect for us as a family to fit all needs for the modern family life. 

While renovating this house, we deliberately decided to keep it's old particularities such as the old terracotta floor and the troughs from the cows. We restored the terracotta floors by sandblasting them and built custommade benches made of old oak wood on the old troughs. 
At Casale della Luna everything is about imperfection and we love how the old wraps around the new. 

Each of the 6 Bedrooms is one of a kind and gives a very warm & homey atmposphere when stepping in. 
On the walls we worked with limewash & paint. 
We chose a pallette of earthtones that harmonize with the Tuscan country side and make you feel like you have a piece of it in your room when you look outside the window.