Studio Dennis Kaiser is an independent design studio founded in 2020 by Dennis and Maren Kaiser. Born in Belgium and Germany, the young couple started their collaboration in Tuscany, Italy, where the Studio is based. 

Their contemporary designs are a study in straight lines and handmade artistry, blending traditional Belgian design, Italian craftsmanship, and the mid-century modern California aesthetic. They work exclusively with natural and original materials, sourced predominantly in Italy as well as throughout Europe, embodying a traditional practice that produces timeless designs of enduring quality. 

Each collection is a fusion of form and feeling. The creative process begins with a mood, a memory, a desire. Inspiration is sourced from every level of experience: travels, architecture, interiors, and innovative design in all its forms. The highest quality materials are thoughtfully curated then worked by hand from start to finish, resulting in pieces that are equal parts art and decor. Each item is infused with a particular atmosphere, capturing a unique sense of time and place.